What do you value the most?  

Everyone likes nice things, but what do you truly value in your life, and why? For me, just like you & many others, nothing is more precious than the memories we make as a family. Seeing photos of our babies' tiny faces compared to how big they are now, we realize there is no pause button on life, and our paths will diverge before we know it. I want to help you preserve these special times in your lives in the most permanent way possible. Whenever I hang a new canvas in our home, my children get so excited, and my heart swells! I want for you to experience this incredible feeling as well. Your portraits belong up on the wall, to be enjoyed each and ever day by all who enter your home. Reaffirm the value of your family & memories by displaying them proudly as heirlooms, passed on for generations.

I'd love to meet you!

If you're interested in creating custom heirloom artwork for you & your family to cherish but still have questions,  I'd love to talk more! If we meet in person, coffee is on me. I only commit to a limited number of clients each month, so don't hesitate & miss your opportunity. Get in touch right away!